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About the Medium-Term Portfolio Reports
About the Medium-Term Portfolio Reports
Information on one of Collective Shift's suite of portfolio reports (exclusive to Pro & Legacy Members)
Written by David Bowen
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The Medium-Term Portfolio invests in crypto-assets over a shorter time frame. These investments target relatively small market-cap crypto-assets, focusing on finding undervalued hidden gems.

Each investment is accompanied by a report rationalising the decision. Same-day updates are published whenever changes are made to the Medium-Term Portfolio, with all transactions recorded on-chain for transparency.

This portfolio holds no BTC or ETH, making it significantly riskier than the Long-Term Portfolio.

The goal of the Medium-Term Portfolio is to outperform BTC over a 5-year period. Whilst it’s highly likely that some of the crypto-assets in the Medium-Term Portfolio will fall to near 0, we believe that 1–3 crypto-assets will generate significantly outsized returns.


Collective Shift is not a Financial Advisor. All opinions and recommendations expressed by Collective Shift representatives are general in nature and should not be treated as investment or financial advice of any kind.

Any information provided does not consider individual portfolio objectives or personal circumstances of members.

Members should not depend solely on such recommendations in making buy or sell decisions but should undertake their own independent research (beyond Collective Shift content) prior to deciding to buy or sell in accordance with a recommendation.

Collective Shift and its individual team members are not liable to the viewer or any other party, for the viewer’s use of, or reliance on, any information received, directly or indirectly, from the content in any circumstances. The viewer should always:

  1. conduct their own research;

  2. never invest more than they are willing to lose; and

  3. obtain independent legal, financial, taxation and/or other professional advice in respect of any decision made in connection with this content.

Related FAQs

Are members notified when Collective Shift sells a crypto-asset previously covered in a Medium-Term Portfolio Report?

Yes. Members are notified immediately after Collective Shift sells any crypto-asset previously covered.

A notification comes by way of a new post on the Member Platform. This post includes verifiable transaction details and an explanation of why the relevant crypto-asset was sold.

Can Collective Shift employees trade crypto-assets covered in a Medium-Term Portfolio Report?

In the 90-day period following the publication of an ESCO Report, Collective Shift employees cannot buy or sell the crypto-asset covered in that report.

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