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About the Long-Term Growth Portfolio
About the Long-Term Growth Portfolio
Information on one of Collective Shift's suite of portfolio reports (exclusive to Pro Members)
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The Long-Term Growth Portfolio ('LTG Portfolio') is a monthly report on the blue-chip crypto-assets held in Collective Shift's long-term company portfolio.

Using a combination of deep market knowledge and machine learning, our team of analysts have carefully constructed a long-term portfolio, starting with 12 crypto-assets we’re investing in via our company portfolio.

What's included in each LTG Portfolio report:

  • Portfolio performance summary

  • Explanation of any portfolio adjustments (e.g. re-weightings, additions, removals)

  • Fundamental updates on each crypto-asset held in the portfolio

  • Commentary on relevant macroeconomic and crypto market trends

  • List of crypto-assets that may be added to the LTG Portfolio

This brand new report is restricted and only accessible to Pro Members.

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Collective Shift is not a Financial Advisor. All opinions and recommendations expressed by Collective Shift representatives are general in nature and should not be treated as investment or financial advice of any kind.

Any information provided does not consider individual portfolio objectives or personal circumstances of members.

Members should not depend solely on such recommendations in making buy or sell decisions but should undertake their own independent research (beyond Collective Shift content) prior to deciding to buy or sell in accordance with a recommendation.

Collective Shift and its individual team members are not liable to the viewer or any other party, for the viewer’s use of, or reliance on, any information received, directly or indirectly, from the content in any circumstances. The viewer should always:

  1. conduct their own research;

  2. never invest more than they are willing to lose; and

  3. obtain independent legal, financial, taxation and/or other professional advice in respect of any decision made in connection with this content.

Related FAQs

How were allocations determined?

Portfolio allocations were determined in a 2-step process. The first step was using machine learning to maximise the portfolio’s Sharpe ratio. The second step was adjustments made by the Collective Shift research team.

Why use both machine learning and team input for allocations?

We chose to use machine learning because machine learning is excellent at solving quantitative problems such as Sharpe ratio optimisation. However, machine learning algorithms are trained using historical data.

Given the rapid pace of change within crypto markets, we decided the team should use the asset allocations recommended by machine learning to create a portfolio combining historical data and future market outlook.

Are members updated when the portfolio changes?

Yes. Members receive same-day alerts when we adjust our portfolio in any way. Below are examples of portfolio adjustments:

  • Adding a new crypto-asset

  • Buying more of a crypto-asset already held

  • Selling all or a portion of a crypto-asset

What crypto-asset selection criteria does the team follow?

The research team selected the portfolio of crypto-assets based on the following criteria:

  • The team is confident the crypto-asset will maintain relevance in 5 years.

  • The team is confident in the crypto-asset’s ability to accrue value leading to significant price appreciation over the investment period.

  • If the crypto-asset is associated with a specific project or community, there should be a reasonable amount of transparency and reliability in the project or community.

The result was a list of expertly selected crypto-assets with long-term potential.

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